Cold Weather ≠ Laziness

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Living in Reno, NV let me realize that it is hard to get up everyday full with energy especially during the winter time. This cold weather really makes people feel lazier than summer time. Sometimes I am wondering maybe it is just an excuse for us waking up late and be late at our work. Or is it? The correct answer by the scientists doesn’t matter at all because we can control how we acted. I believe if we decide when we want to get up from bed, we definitely can do it. We all have laziness in our thoughts, but we also can differentiate what is more important for us. We should stop blaming on any external factor that affects our behaviors because we can have better action.

We want to feel energetic every morning to be able to go to work full with happiness. So how we feel when we open our eyes the first thing in the morning is really important. We need to motivate ourselves to have the power to feel happy every morning. Sleep early every night is a good idea, but we will still feel lazy sometime. Warm milk before going to bed every night will help us sleep deeply, but the laziness is still exist. We need to tell ourselves how important we get up early to feel good about whole day.

Here are four tips that we can motivate ourselves:

  1. Tell ourselves that everyday is a beautiful day, which happy mood will bring good things happened to us
  2. Laziness will cause rush, and we don’t want to drive dangerously to work or rush in the beginning of our daily life
  3. More time to enjoy our surroundings, and we might surprise ourselves by observing something we never notice
  4. Show the effort in work place full of energy, and we will feel less pressure in work

Women in Size 2 and Size 0

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We all want to have a “fit” body shape, but how we define “fit?” In this article, I am talking about the perfect body shape in women. (Sorry guys)! We live in the world full of lots of beautiful surroundings. We can’t live without social media and sometime we forget what the true beauty in our definition is. Why most of women don’t satisfy their body shape? Why most of women are always on diet? What are they really looking for? They want to fit in clothes in size 2 or size 0!!!!!!

Now we need to think about why we want to walk in size 2/ 0 clothes. Is that because of that is how “sexy” women look like in our society? Or we want to be healthier? I think the answer is the combination of both. There are so many role models that we can follow, and there are tons of weight loss products/ centers on the market. But do we really need those to motivate us? NO! What we need is we start to build confidence in ourselves, and start to change our life style if we really want to. We shouldn’t be forced to lose weight or look thin because of society’s definition of beauty. I don’t blame on this world because it is the image that we built hundred years ago.

I feel women should be proud of what we look like and don’t ever feel depression if we are a little bigger than others. We are all different. But if you think you want to become different/ thinner because you really want to, try to find the balance in yourself. Don’t let the external factor influence your thoughts! We shouldn’t follow what people think is pretty to define or change ourselves. Get our own motivation from button of our heart, so our plan/ dream will come true step by step. Once we find our intrinsic motivation, we will become whom we want to be.

Here are five steps of how WOMEN get intrinsic motivations, which should feel from our inside out:

1.       Tell ourselves that we want to be healthier

2.       Eat lighter food can lower the risk of some disease

3.       Exercise can make people happier and get into sleep deeply

4.       We feel pretty inside of our body and deep our heart, so now is the time to share with other how beautiful we are

5.       Avoid any pressure because we are already beautiful as who we are now

Let’s get motivated!!

We all can get motivated from ourselves, but there are still a lot of people who have no clue how to do it. We are not born with the good intrinsic motivation and we sure can change our intrinsic motivation. I believe if we get the right motivation, we will get what we want eventually. We all want to perform better and live better, so there are five steps for you to start:

  1. Think Positively and look at the bright side
  2. Slow your tempo and give yourself time to think
  3. Understand what you want and go for it
  4. Try not to get affected by external effects
  5. Have good thoughts and have a good heart

People often have a lot of thoughts about everything, but it is hard to tell what the good decision/ action is. Now is the time for us to rethink our lives and make some good changes if we feel we need to. It is hard for us to control our emotion and sometimes we see things pessimistically. So the good start for intrinsic motivation is to think positively. I believe when a person is happy inside, others will feel the happiness from him/ her. Positive thoughts can help we perform better at our work, too. When we have positive thoughts, we will not complain as much as before. Although nothing is changed at our workplace, we don’t get affected by extrinsic stuff; for example, bad co-workers, lots of duties, or uncomfortable workplace etc. Let’s try “thinking positively” for now, and I will explain more in my blogs later on.

What Motivates Us?

“Motivation is the driving force which causes us to achieve goals” (Wikipedia). Now we need to know what goals we are looking for. We are all different individual and we certainly act differently. We love asking ourselves why we can’t become as successful as Bill Gates, why we can’t get promotion to the manager position, and why we don’t feel joy in our workplace etc. The key point is the motivation! We have to understand what really motivate us to be able to have the life/ job we want. We can’t control what motivation will come to us, but we can choose what we will do from those motivation. Sounds like the illusion? Not really.

In my blog, you will find what really motivate you in your life and workplace. From my point of view as the beholder in daily life, I observe what the reason is behind people who act differently. Motivation is the interesting topic, which not everyone will behave the same way in the same motivation concept.

There are two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. I will focus more on the intrinsic motivation since the intrinsic motivation is the key for the long-term inherent satisfaction.

We all sometimes feel confused and don’t know what to do or how to react. My blog is a good place that you can release your thoughts and rethink what is the best way to see things differently. Intrinsic motivation is the key of any successful person, so let’s build out ours!