Let’s get motivated!!

We all can get motivated from ourselves, but there are still a lot of people who have no clue how to do it. We are not born with the good intrinsic motivation and we sure can change our intrinsic motivation. I believe if we get the right motivation, we will get what we want eventually. We all want to perform better and live better, so there are five steps for you to start:

  1. Think Positively and look at the bright side
  2. Slow your tempo and give yourself time to think
  3. Understand what you want and go for it
  4. Try not to get affected by external effects
  5. Have good thoughts and have a good heart

People often have a lot of thoughts about everything, but it is hard to tell what the good decision/ action is. Now is the time for us to rethink our lives and make some good changes if we feel we need to. It is hard for us to control our emotion and sometimes we see things pessimistically. So the good start for intrinsic motivation is to think positively. I believe when a person is happy inside, others will feel the happiness from him/ her. Positive thoughts can help we perform better at our work, too. When we have positive thoughts, we will not complain as much as before. Although nothing is changed at our workplace, we don’t get affected by extrinsic stuff; for example, bad co-workers, lots of duties, or uncomfortable workplace etc. Let’s try “thinking positively” for now, and I will explain more in my blogs later on.


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