A Smile I Will Never Forget (experience)

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Today, I cleaned out my closet and packed three bags for donation. I hesitated about should I went to donation right at this time or not since the snow is kind of strong now at Reno, NV. I decided to donate those clothes and shoes in this bad weather. When I arrived the Goodwill at Oddie Blvd., I didn’t want to go down anymore since the snow and wind was driving me crazy. But I was still waiting for a parking space in front of me. Suddenly, there was a man, who works for Goodwill walk out the store.

“Ma’am, are you going to donate stuff?” he smiled.

“Yes, there are three bags in my back seats,” I replied.

“Ma’am, it is freezing out here. I can help you to take those to donate center, so you don’t have to come down in this weather.”

“Sure, thank you.”

After he got my stuff from my car, he told me to park in that parking space and he is going to get the receipt for me. He ran into the store in this snowing and huge windy weather. After about a minute, he came to my car with a receipt.

“Thank you so much for your donation, we really appreciate it. And please drive safety. Have a good evening,” he said with a smile that I felt like the sunshine particular in this weather.

I kept thinking about the smile on the man’s face and wondering how he could still have this smile in this weather. He had good attitude and service to me, which he was so sweet to help me out. He looked like he was enjoying his job and he truly appreciate everyone who donate stuff to Goodwill.

No matter how bad the weather is, my heart is full of warmness because the smile from the man, who work at Goodwill. Thank you.

Have you ever see this smile on someone’s face? Have you ever give this warm smile to others? To your co-workers, bosses, friends, or enemies etc.? Try to be nice to everyone.


Motivation on Faking, Lying or Pretending→ You Name It!

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Faking, lying and pretending are three words if we read them in the regular way. But when you ever think the opposite way that these three words may be powerful in lots of good ways? For example, teachers sometimes lie about how good their students are because they want students have positive thinking and to behavior better. Government sometimes lie about the real situation about some serious issues, which we still have the debate that if there are any aliens or not. Lots of arguments show that government doesn’t want to spread fear to people, which they have to lie to be able to make us calm. People sometimes lie about how good others look like in some clothes, shoes, or makeup.

Now…. Can we say that lying is because we want to make everything better?

We all lie in our life time, which it only matters how often we lie and what is our purpose. I think there are some certain time and situation that we HAVE TO lie to produce a better outcome. We all have hearts that we also don’t want to break others. We should use faking, lying and pretending wisely, which it also can help us in a better position in the society. In the reality and workplace, we can’t just do and say whatever we want. We need to at least polish our sentences or our action. We need to be smooth in the business society, at the social environment and in the family. Although we should always be ourselves, I am just saying that if lying can make everything better and it is not harm, we should sometimes make the atmosphere better. Some tips to motivate and think about faking, lying and pretending in our lives:

  1. Make sure that your motivation is good and gentle
  2. Try to make others in good moods most of time
  3. Don’t lie because you want to hide your mistake or evil thoughts
  4. Don’t make lies after lies when the situation is not controllable
  5. Understand the outcome of lying will not always turns out good


Freshman 15 Phenomenon

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There is a saying that lots of freshman will gain about 15 pounds since it is the first time leaving their family. It is the first time that they are on their own, and they also need to take care of each meal daily. Freshman 15 is not only showing they don’t have autonomy on themselves, but also a phenomenon they start to change their behavior. No matter what is the reason for gaining weight, but it shows how unstable those freshmen are. Party too hard, Eat too much, or they just don’t care?

When we get into a new place or new environment, we tend to try hard to fit in. But have we ever think that why we need to force ourselves to fit in the environment? This intangible “fit in” attitude is not always a good influence to everyone. We all have tried to laugh after a joke we don’t think it is funny, we went to a restaurant because we don’t want to refuse to our friends, and we lied we like to hang out with you but we don’t etc. We all have done those things because we don’t want to be the party popper. If we keep doing “fit in” attitude, we will soon to forget how we used to. We will forget what our original personality is. It starts to get blurred.


Keep your own personality and change a little if necessary

Don’t follow what people do, have your own thoughts

Speak up for your mind

Stay who you are (of course in a good way)


What do people live for?

This video is base on a true story of five Taiwanese men with 81-year-old average age, who rode motorcycle to travel around Taiwan in thirteen days. Maybe it is a common activity in the U.S. that elder people ride bikes/ drive cars everywhere across the country, but that was rare for Taiwanese, which made the inspiration story touched. I start to think “what we REALLY live for?”


Have we ever felt that we still have lots things we want to do, but we can’t? We always give ourselves more and more excuses that we don’t have time, we have to take care of family, or we can’t leave our jobs even just for a few days etc. I know this situation is called “REALITY,” but it is also called “DREAM.” Everything always has two sides, which it all depends how you look and do things differently. Regret is a big word that will stick with us forever, which we can’t forget easily. We don’t want regret to happen to us, do we?

Find out what we live for!!!!

We all have dreams we want to achieve. But when we’ve got older years by years, we start to kill our dreams little by little because we “think” we need to be more realistic. Why there are some parents will tell children that don’t be artists or actors because they will not be able to feed themselves in the future? How many dreams that we’ve been killed?

I don’t think there is a certain pattern that we all need to follow! We definitely need to find the value of our life and make it more valuable! Here are some tips to motivate ourselves to live the way we want:

  1. Understand that the real happiness is linked to the dream we have– Believe ourselves and work hard to live in the life we want
  2. Give ourselves the clear goal we want, and never give up
  3. Truly realize that we only live once—take our chance when we still have time
  4. We will never know what would happened if we never try

Learning the Second Language

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In the American high school, it requires everyone to learn a second language beside English. I remembered that it requires taking one class of second language in college, too. Although English is still the most powerful and common business language in the world, I think there is a tendency to be able to speak two different languages.

The resource shows that the rank of the most popular spoken language in the world, which English is on the 3rd place after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. The data shows that there are about 882 million people speak Mandarin Chinese, 325 million people speak Spanish, and about 380 million people speak English.

Shouldn’t we learn the second language since English is not the most spoken language in the world? I know a lot of English native speaker are proud of being who they are since they still think English is the most powerful language. Don’t you see Chinese people are coming strong and most of stuff you use is made in China? Don’t you need to deal some customers who speak only Spanish and have no idea what you are talking about although you are talking in English in the U.S. Can’t you see this world is becoming a basket, which we all mix together?

I am not saying that you have to choose either Mandarin Chinese or Spanish, but all I am saying is that if you have the ability speaking two languages; it will be a huge plus for your career and life. We all know how much benefit we will get if we speak at least two languages, but it is not easy to have the interest continue learning it. Let’s get the motivation to learn our second language:

Want to be better than others? Speak two language definitely helps!

I think this statement is strong enough to motivate all of us already, isn’t it?

Put Smile on Your Face…Yes! All the Time :)

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There are 365 days per year= 8,760 hours= 525,600 minutes= 31,536,000 seconds. Do you know how often you complain anything? What’s your emotion most of the time? Do you at least spend 262,800 minutes to feel happy, which is only half year?

Do you smile most of the time?

When we think through these questions above, we start to realize it is a scary amount of time, which we should be happy! I always hear people say that “You need to get through everyday no matter happy or not, so why don’t you choose to be happy?” It looks like a simple statement that we all understand but hard to follow the spirit. We always want to control our emotion that we all try to be happy. It is not easy!

“Put smile on your face,” I would say!

I think when we start to learn how to give the smile face, it is getting closer to the real happiness. I do believe when we change our behavior/ outlook, we will start to feel that way. We all have pressure from bad teammates, annoying bosses and disrespectful friends etc., who we need to deal with everyday. And we also have lots things happened around us that we don’t often feel satisfy. Let’s start to see these “unhappy” things differently! Let’s start to put the smile face on! Let’s relax and have a deep breath, and tell ourselves that everything will be ok. You will notice that you start to feel and see things in the bright side. Don’t ever underestimate the power of “smile on your face!” It is the most powerful tool on daily life. In workplace, school, family and social party etc., the smile face will always help you to win attention and respect. Here are some tips that how we motivate ourselves to put on our smile face:

  1. Believe good things will happen to happy people more, so smile! 🙂
  2. Bad emotion will keep friends away, so smile! 🙂
  3. Happy mind brings to better health, and better health brings to good life, so smile! 🙂
  4. For women, smile is the best makeup we can have, so smile! 🙂

People who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth

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There are tons of people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They don’t need to worry anything about money but live whatever life they want. Some of them will become useless people and wasting money and life day and night, but some of them will become as success as their family do. Why there are two extreme outcomes on those people? I think the reason is how they see their value as an individual person and do they have the motivation in their mind.

We live and breathe in the world in which we need to work hard to be able to feed ourselves and live the way we want. Since those rich kids don’t have this concern in their lives, they tend to have less motivation to work hard. When people have everything in their life, they get used to it and live in that fantasy dream. They don’t have any motivation to fight for the “useful life” anymore. They still have wonderful lives but without the value.

But some of them still work hard and build their own reputation on the society. What they try to achieve? They want to approve that they can create their own lives without using the name under their rich family. They try to see the family as a plus, not as necessary. This is their motivation!! I admire these successful people who create their own value when they can get wasted everyday with family support.

I think people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth have more difficulty to get motivation than us, but they are luckier than us. If they can find their motivation to be better people or expand their value, it will always have positive effects not only their family but also the society.

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