If we are not their favorite…..?

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We all know that people have favorite him/ her in workplace, school and even in families. Let’s face the truth. It is easy to tell that who gets more attention from our bosses, professors or parents. We just don’t want to mention in front of everyone or say it out loud. We rather pretend we don’t know they treat better to others than us because we don’t want to feel depress from this childish emotion. It is normal thoughts we all have since kindergarten. Professors tend to like students speak up in class with useful ideas, which it is easy that we find “That professor play favorite! The test is not your grade!” statements in Ratemyprofessor.com. Bosses/ managers show more preferences in the work place, and please, we all know who they like better. Parents/ grandparents have their favorite kids, too. They tend to give them more sweet action.

We feel angry, sad and anxious because we want to be treated in the best way. And then we try to compete with them but at the same time, we lose ourselves. We become ugly in this useless competition. We don’t need this emotion and this action! How we deal with this kind of emotion when we notice this situation around us? We need to move on and behave as always, which we should healthy mind and healthy motivation to get this situation out of our pressure. Here are three tips to have motivation without being their “favorite”:

  1. Be ourselves! Don’t follow the pattern to please others
  2. Our values is how we see ourselves, not from others
  3. Do what we need to do and give 100% in our work or school



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