Why we save money?

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I am original from Taiwan, so there are some different points of view about saving money. In Taiwan, most of people save most of their money each month, so they seldom have their entrainment lives. My parents are typical Taiwanese people, who work six days per week and only take day off in the Chinese New Year. They save all the money for me and my brother, and they keep telling us that they don’t want us to worry anything about money but study hard. In the other hand, I think Americans have more entrainment and personal life besides works. Americans tend to enjoy themselves more buying new clothes, go to restaurant, go to a trip, or hang out with friends. In my opinion, Taiwanese people save more money than Americans do in the percentage they make each month. I think the main reason that Taiwanese people are more family-oriented compare to Americans.

My parents have the motivation that they want me and my brother to have better education without worrying any money issue and they want us to have better life quality. So they save most of their money for their children. I believe Americans save money, too. But it is common that people pay their tuition when they start the education in University. Young Americans start to work to live dependent since college. I am always thinking what the motivation we need to have to be able to save more money each month? For our own better life 20 years later, for our children, or for ourselves? But there are lots of new stuff we want to buy, lots of friends we want to hang out with, and lots of places we want to visit etc. I think the motivation about saving money should be inside of our thoughts. Here is three points to have motivation we need to have:

  1. Understand the reason you want to save money, and stick with that goal
  2. Believe in the goal you have, and think one day you will get to that point
  3. Understand the happiness of saving money because everyday is one step away to the goal

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