People who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth

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There are tons of people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They don’t need to worry anything about money but live whatever life they want. Some of them will become useless people and wasting money and life day and night, but some of them will become as success as their family do. Why there are two extreme outcomes on those people? I think the reason is how they see their value as an individual person and do they have the motivation in their mind.

We live and breathe in the world in which we need to work hard to be able to feed ourselves and live the way we want. Since those rich kids don’t have this concern in their lives, they tend to have less motivation to work hard. When people have everything in their life, they get used to it and live in that fantasy dream. They don’t have any motivation to fight for the “useful life” anymore. They still have wonderful lives but without the value.

But some of them still work hard and build their own reputation on the society. What they try to achieve? They want to approve that they can create their own lives without using the name under their rich family. They try to see the family as a plus, not as necessary. This is their motivation!! I admire these successful people who create their own value when they can get wasted everyday with family support.

I think people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth have more difficulty to get motivation than us, but they are luckier than us. If they can find their motivation to be better people or expand their value, it will always have positive effects not only their family but also the society.


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