What do people live for?

This video is base on a true story of five Taiwanese men with 81-year-old average age, who rode motorcycle to travel around Taiwan in thirteen days. Maybe it is a common activity in the U.S. that elder people ride bikes/ drive cars everywhere across the country, but that was rare for Taiwanese, which made the inspiration story touched. I start to think “what we REALLY live for?”


Have we ever felt that we still have lots things we want to do, but we can’t? We always give ourselves more and more excuses that we don’t have time, we have to take care of family, or we can’t leave our jobs even just for a few days etc. I know this situation is called “REALITY,” but it is also called “DREAM.” Everything always has two sides, which it all depends how you look and do things differently. Regret is a big word that will stick with us forever, which we can’t forget easily. We don’t want regret to happen to us, do we?

Find out what we live for!!!!

We all have dreams we want to achieve. But when we’ve got older years by years, we start to kill our dreams little by little because we “think” we need to be more realistic. Why there are some parents will tell children that don’t be artists or actors because they will not be able to feed themselves in the future? How many dreams that we’ve been killed?

I don’t think there is a certain pattern that we all need to follow! We definitely need to find the value of our life and make it more valuable! Here are some tips to motivate ourselves to live the way we want:

  1. Understand that the real happiness is linked to the dream we have– Believe ourselves and work hard to live in the life we want
  2. Give ourselves the clear goal we want, and never give up
  3. Truly realize that we only live once—take our chance when we still have time
  4. We will never know what would happened if we never try

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