Motivation on Faking, Lying or Pretending→ You Name It!

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Faking, lying and pretending are three words if we read them in the regular way. But when you ever think the opposite way that these three words may be powerful in lots of good ways? For example, teachers sometimes lie about how good their students are because they want students have positive thinking and to behavior better. Government sometimes lie about the real situation about some serious issues, which we still have the debate that if there are any aliens or not. Lots of arguments show that government doesn’t want to spread fear to people, which they have to lie to be able to make us calm. People sometimes lie about how good others look like in some clothes, shoes, or makeup.

Now…. Can we say that lying is because we want to make everything better?

We all lie in our life time, which it only matters how often we lie and what is our purpose. I think there are some certain time and situation that we HAVE TO lie to produce a better outcome. We all have hearts that we also don’t want to break others. We should use faking, lying and pretending wisely, which it also can help us in a better position in the society. In the reality and workplace, we can’t just do and say whatever we want. We need to at least polish our sentences or our action. We need to be smooth in the business society, at the social environment and in the family. Although we should always be ourselves, I am just saying that if lying can make everything better and it is not harm, we should sometimes make the atmosphere better. Some tips to motivate and think about faking, lying and pretending in our lives:

  1. Make sure that your motivation is good and gentle
  2. Try to make others in good moods most of time
  3. Don’t lie because you want to hide your mistake or evil thoughts
  4. Don’t make lies after lies when the situation is not controllable
  5. Understand the outcome of lying will not always turns out good



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erin Wootan
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 21:05:55

    There are a lot of harmless ways to fake, lie and/or cheat, however it is very important to be conscious of the possible outcomes of lying. If you get caught in a lie, even if it was not meant to be harmful, can end up that way. As you say, your motivation should be good, but you should definitely save your lies for very important situations and use them rarely, otherwise you could get “tagged” as a liar which ends up hurting you more in the end. Great post!


    • Jenny Tsai
      Mar 22, 2011 @ 22:26:09

      Thank you for respond, Erin. I agree with you that we should “save your lies for very important situations and use them rarely.” We just need to be careful on what we say/ act.


  2. ryanrmoser
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 20:26:26

    This is great Jenny, something that people dont often talk about, but something we should all be aware of.


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