A Smile I Will Never Forget (experience)

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Today, I cleaned out my closet and packed three bags for donation. I hesitated about should I went to donation right at this time or not since the snow is kind of strong now at Reno, NV. I decided to donate those clothes and shoes in this bad weather. When I arrived the Goodwill at Oddie Blvd., I didn’t want to go down anymore since the snow and wind was driving me crazy. But I was still waiting for a parking space in front of me. Suddenly, there was a man, who works for Goodwill walk out the store.

“Ma’am, are you going to donate stuff?” he smiled.

“Yes, there are three bags in my back seats,” I replied.

“Ma’am, it is freezing out here. I can help you to take those to donate center, so you don’t have to come down in this weather.”

“Sure, thank you.”

After he got my stuff from my car, he told me to park in that parking space and he is going to get the receipt for me. He ran into the store in this snowing and huge windy weather. After about a minute, he came to my car with a receipt.

“Thank you so much for your donation, we really appreciate it. And please drive safety. Have a good evening,” he said with a smile that I felt like the sunshine particular in this weather.

I kept thinking about the smile on the man’s face and wondering how he could still have this smile in this weather. He had good attitude and service to me, which he was so sweet to help me out. He looked like he was enjoying his job and he truly appreciate everyone who donate stuff to Goodwill.

No matter how bad the weather is, my heart is full of warmness because the smile from the man, who work at Goodwill. Thank you.

Have you ever see this smile on someone’s face? Have you ever give this warm smile to others? To your co-workers, bosses, friends, or enemies etc.? Try to be nice to everyone.


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  1. Yathi Yatheepan
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 11:57:58

    I had a similar experience at Oddie Blvd Goodwill a few month back. They were very courteous. The man took the stuff from my car trunk and he brought a receipt with the same smiling face.

    I should tell that until a few years back I usually go to the Salvation Army at the Sutro. Nobody cared and the person literally ordered me to take the stuff and put it in a place designated for donated items. I had to walk through a messy storage place to donate my stuff.


    • Jenny Tsai
      Mar 28, 2011 @ 13:22:14

      Thank you for your comment, Yathi. I believe the attitude of how they see/ think their job is will affect their performance.


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