Last = First

We all know everything has two sides, which it depends how you look at it. People tend to notice the negative side more than the possible part, and it affects their life, too. For example, when people get fired from jobs, many people stuck in that bad mood most of time. But if they think from the other side of the story, it is a new chance for them to live a different life. The other example is that lots people can’t get over with their past relationship even though it’s been months. But if they can think the different way that the end is also the new beginning, their life will be much easier.

If we can think positively, we all will live happier. It is not easy I would say. Let’s start to think and do things differently! I am not sure if the new beginning is better than the past, but if we don’t try, we will never know. So why don’t we just throw away those past and move on? No matter how successful or dump in the past, the new beginning make us all start from the bottom. We all have the same opportunity to catch our dream again, so please appreciate every new chance.

My spring semester only has ten days left. What’s next? It is kind of the end of something, and I need to figure out some new thing to keep my life going. How I am going to use my summer is a good chance for me to think of. I can live three months with hanging around or I can use 90 days to accomplish something I can be proud of. One thing I can be sure is that I’ve enjoyed the past (spring semester), and I am going to create my shinning summer.

“The sun will still rise tomorrow.” So why don’t we all give ourselves some new goal to achieve?


Mountains, Oceans, Trees and Flowers…. Let’s Clean Up Our Mind :)

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How long haven’t you go to relax in the natural environment? We live in the high pressure society, which more and more people feel depression every day. Have you ever felt no matter how many hours you’ve ran, how many beers you drank, or how much you talk to friends, you still felt you didn’t release all your stress?

Lots of people said that the best medicine is to go to the nature environment and feel what nature brought to us. People need to catch the phytoncide from the forest, mountain or tress to relax not only our body, but also our mind. No matter what type of nature environment you’d like to be with, they all help. And that is one of the reason that there are so many nature sounds are made into CDs. Those nature songs will heal our pain, clean our mind and relax our soul.

I used to live in San Diego, in which there is a beautiful ocean and lots of beautiful beaches around. Every time when I felt unhappy, La Jolla shores really helped. The combination of the sound of ocean, the smell from the ocean and the wind come from the ocean is wonderful that you will not have the same feeling if you choose to sit at home and being the couch potato. Now I live in Reno, in which we have the most beautiful lake in the world. Every time after I go to Lake Tahoe, I feel I get all of my energy back so I can fight for the other days of life.

Let’s use and enjoy the nature environment around us, and you will feel surprise what will happen to your body and mind.

If You Don’t Have Much Time Left……

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Have you ever read a book or watched a movie called “Tuesdays with Morrie?” When I was in the 9th grade, this book was the requirement for one of my classes. It is basically talking about the relationship between author, Mitch and his professor, Morrie Schwartz, who had the ALS. Mitch realized that what he had been pursuing is about his career and position in the society, which should not be the most important things he should care. After meeting Morrie every Tuesday, Mitch noticed that love and life are more important in his life time.

Did you watch the movie, Source Code recently? In the movie, when Jake Gyllenhaal asked Michelle Monaghan what she will do if she knows she only have five minutes to live? Michelle answered “I will make every second counts.”

Then….. have you ever thought about what will you do if you don’t have much time left in your life?

There are lots of cases that people only do things better or think differently when they finally realize they don’t have other choices or don’t have time anymore. Why we always need to put ourselves in a position that racing with the time?

If we live like there is no tomorrow, we can accomplish more and live everyday without regret. Have you ever asked yourself before you go to bed, “Do I finish/ do what I want to do today?” or “Do I give enough love to people I care?”

We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, so live our life!

  1. Finish your responsibilities on job, school and family everyday
  2. Let people know you love them and show your love to them
  3. Do whatever you want and enjoy life
  4. Live without regret so you will not need to look back all the time

What will you do to make your time worthy?

Don’t Give the Attitude to Others!

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Almost all of us live in the environment with connecting with others, which we rarely block our interactions with other people. Since we need to have the interaction with others, we shouldn’t give them the attitude. We are all equal no matter what your position in the society is, how successful you are, or how much money you earn. Everyone is equal and need to be treated equally. We all have the bad emotional some time, which we might give the attitude to others. Have you ever treated waiter poorly because you had a bad day? Have you ever felt impatient when the sales person goes to crab what you want? Our emotion changes no matter it is because we have a bad day or we just feel unhappy on our own. We should treat people respectfully.

  1. Don’t vent your bad emotion to others: People are not tools for us to vent our emotional on! If we have to vent our anger or bad feelings, we can go to gym, watch movie, talk to good friends, or go for a walk etc. We don’t have to treat people disrespectfully to release our feeling because others have feelings, too. If you treat people poorly, I am sure one day others will treat you disrespectfully soon.
  2. You will never know may be someday you will need help from them: Maybe you will think you will never see this sales person, waiter, or stranger etc. ever again, but how can you be 100% sure about it? Maybe we will bump into them someday, and maybe one day we need their help. So don’t give others attitudes because we might need to beg for forgiveness one day. You never know!

Five Balls in Our Lives

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Brian G. Dyson, President and CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises, once said that “Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them work, family, health, friends and spirit and you’re keeping all of these in the air. You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other four balls— family, health, friends and spirit are made of glass. If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same.”

A lot of us focus on our job too much and even forget to take care of other things in our lives. As the quote above, job is the only thing we can start over and fight for it again. But if we lose or have damages on our family, health, friends and spirit, we will not get them back again. So be sure we put our family, health, friends and spirit before our works, which we will have less regret in our life time.

Here is “four glasses balls” we need to care more than our work:

  1. Family

Family is the only thing you can’t change at all in your life because you are born with the way it is. We don’t choose our father, mother, sisters and brothers. Every time when I hear my friends fought with their family, I think it is waste of time. Because we all know that one day we still need to talk to them and have the dinner with. So we all should try to treat our family better. Although family will be there for us forever, we shouldn’t break their heart. Once you damage the relationship in the family, you all will have the knot in your hearts and you know things are not the same anymore.

  1. Health

Health is the long-term relationship with ourselves that we need to take care every minute and every day. If we don’t see health is important in our life time, our body will give out the alarm right away. Once you don’t have healthy body, no matter how much money you have, you don’t have the chance to spend it.

  1. Friends

There is a saying that “people rely on family at home and rely on friends when you step out the house.” We need to have friends to hang out with, to share our thoughts, and to feel support from etc. Value our friends because we sometimes need some comfort from them.

  1. Spirit

It is hard to control our spirit. We need to try to think positively and have the good heart. We sometimes need to rethink what life we want and give a break in our busy daily life. We should give ourselves the chance the breath through our spirit and have the beautiful heart, so we will have the power to keep walking.

Life Is Like You Had a Bad Perm

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We all know what perm is. Most of time perm makes women look more mature, prettier or cuter. But we all know once we have the bad perm, it is like living in the hell for most of women. The hair is really important party of body since hair style can’t be changed that often as clothes. So what women do when they have really bad perm? They start to take good care of their hair and waiting for couple months (I’d said about four months) to redesign their hair style. Women can’t go back to salon right away when they hate the failure perm because it will get worse if designer helps to fix/ change that hair style right away. So only thing they can do is waiting.

Life is like we have a bad perm, which we need to be patient and take good care of it. Since we know it is useless to be rushed even we hate the bad perm so bad. We know it is not going to change a thing even we rush it. We can have patient on the hair style, so why can’t be patient in our life? We always feel rush at our workplace, home and even during driving. I am not saying we should be lazy and lay back too much, but I think sometimes we need to slow down a little bit. We often give ourselves too much pressure on the schedule or our goals, which often has the inefficiency outcomes. What is the rush? When we slow down our steps, we will see and do things differently. When we manage our time in the workplace and slow down our steps, we might notice that the job is actually interesting even it is still a routine every single day. When we release some nerves at home, we will notice how cute our family is, which we haven’t think about for a long time. When we try not to speed during driving, we will surprise how beautiful those building and trees even though we drive the same road everyday. When we live the life we know how to enjoy and figure its beauty, we will accomplish more.

Do You Catch Your Chance Yet?

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In the Harvard Research says that we only have seven chances in our life time to decide what we will be in the future. There are seven years between two chances. And the first chance will show up when we are 25-year-old and the last chance will show up around 75-year-old. In these 50 years with seven chances, it is hard to catch the first opportunity because we are too young. And we will miss the last chance because we are too old. So there are only five chances left and we usually will miss two chances, which we only have three opportunities in our life time to make the decision about our future.

If you think about the past of your life, you will notice that the time fly by so fast that you can even remember. It is a good thought that Harvard releases this kind of theory. We all pursuing our goal everyday in our life and we try to think about how to make our life better and better. But do we really catch and notice the important opportunities in front of us? Sadly, we often lose the chance. Maybe we don’t know that is good opportunity or sometimes we can’t go after it because of multiple reasons.

Since we don’t live forever, why don’t we catch the chance when we know this is it?

  1. State clearly what you want in your life and look for opportunity around you
  2. Don’t lose any  chance that will happen around you
  3. See everything has high possibility and give yourself a chance
  4. Believe in the goal you have will come true one day if you have the ability to realize the opportunity
  5. Catch every single detail because that might be the good chance for you to shine

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