How You Motivate Yourself When The Tragedy Happened?

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We see there are a lot of tragedy happened every day in the society/ world or may be around us. The feeling is bad and the emotion is complicated. Some of the relatives stay in that sadness forever and still can’t accept the tragedy, but some of relatives transform their sadness into strength. I am not saying that they need to feel/ become normal right away, but they need to understand that the person they love is not coming back. How people take this tragedy news and how they live the rest of their lives are most important afterwards. There are many examples that some of those relatives create some non-profit organization to help people who might in the same situation, or some of them try to attend meeting sharing how they transform their sadness into strength and live back to the normal life. It is not easy and it is definitely just a choice how they want to live their life.

“Life is the best present from God!” When those tragedies happened, we don’t need to keep focus on the negative thoughts thinking why this happened to us. We should think from the positive side that we didn’t go through those situations and we can spread words to others that telling them need to be thankful everyday. We are still the same person before and after the tragedy, but we gain some experience and lose the love family member or friend. If we can see the tragedy as a test that if we pass it, we will be stronger. We can use this memory to spread words to others, do good things we don’t do, or make each second counts in our life time. We all suffer from little stuff to large event, but we all need to move on and create the better life for ourselves.

R.I.P. for every victim in the world. And wish there will be no wars and no natural disaster in our lovely world!


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  1. ryanrmoser
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 22:12:56

    Time heals all Jenny!

    This is a great message, the one I usually provide to friends when there is a problem.


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