How Do You Spend A Day?

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Everyone has 24 hours per day. Some of people think 24 hours per day is too much because they have nothing to do and waiting for the bed time everyday. But some of people think 24 hours is not enough since they feel there are too much to do. Why they have different thoughts in the same amount of the time? Smart people use their time wisely.

What can you do from after you wake up and before you go to work? You can choose to go exercising and read newspaper, or you can sleep until the last minute. What can you do during the work but bored? You can choose to care how the market now, or you can chat online/ go on the Facebook all the time. What can you do in your personal time? You can choose to read good books/ do outdoor activities or you can play video games/ fool around with friends all day long.

Different human beings choose different activities in one day. How we waste or how we manage our 24 hours will decide how success we will be. We don’t need to push ourselves to a place that doesn’t even have the personal life, but we definitely want to use every minute wisely. We don’t want to become a person that have the same boring life everyday, such as, sitting in front of computer all day doing useless stuff, playing video games all day long, dreaming about unrealistic thoughts, or working nonstop etc. I am not saying it is bad thing that you want to waste your life like that, but don’t you want to make every 24 hours more valuable? When you feel the day is so meaningful and you are deeply happy from your heart, it is the day you wisely managed. Do you know how to spend your 24 hours now?


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  1. ryanrmoser
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 20:45:39

    Right now I spend about all 24 of my hours doing tax returns … but that will soon change.

    This is a really great post, I think we often dont notice how much time we waste doing things that really dont mean that much to us!


    • Jenny Tsai
      Apr 11, 2011 @ 14:44:22

      Thank you, Ryan. One more week for the end of the tax season. 🙂
      We need to use our time wisely and also balance our personal time, too.


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