Recycle….or not? Your Call

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Have you noticed that the weather is weird these years? Do you feel that the air is not as fresh as five years ago? Have you ever read the news saying that the global warming is become a serious issue for all human beings? Then, do you know if everyone understands the importance of recycle, it will help our earth?

When we were still in the school, they taught us how important recycle was. We tried to follow the rule and also recycled back to our house. It all seems we did great jobs. But when we are not in school or house, we start to forget how important recycle is. We often throw our water/ drinking bottle into the trash cans. Recycle cans are not as many as trash cans on the street or the place we go, but we should still recycle! We can wait until we see the recycle or take those recycle item back home.

We need to have the consensus that when we recycle more, the earth will become a better place to live. Don’t think that one person can’t change anything! When everyone does the recycle little by little, the outcome will be powerful. Every single move is powerful, and we all can change our world by participating more in protecting our environment.

Let’s recycle more in our life!

  1. Recycle can make us healthier
  2. Recycle can make our environment prettier
  3. Recycle can make the earth live longer
  4. Protect our earth so our descendants can still see what the earth we have now




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