Be Friends with Yourself

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When we are friends with ourselves, we will always have friends. Be peaceful with ourselves; otherwise we will never have peace with other things. When we are friends with ourselves, it means we know who we are and what we want. I feel that the most important rule in our life is to “understand ourselves and be who we are.” There are many types of personality tests, which we can know ourselves better by answering those questions honestly. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a popular method to let us to understand ourselves better. Most of people who take MBTI think it fits them well, but there are still some chances that the result is not 100% accurate, too. MBTI is only a tool that we can evaluate who we really are. Why is so important to understand who we are? When we fully know what’s our strength and weakness, we start to have chance to become better in any position. We can add more value on what we good at and bring our talent into full play. On the other hand, we can make our weakness invisible and improve it.

We all have good friends, and we know we need to use different ways to get along with different friends. We understand our good friends well enough because we spend a lot of time and our heart to connect with them. Then why don’t we want to understand ourselves more? When we are friends with ourselves, we can also deal with our emotional well, too. Understand what the best way is, so you can express the emotion and be into the joyful land. Life will be easier when we know ourselves better. Shining what we good at and finding the best way to deal with different situation. Try to find what suit us the most and pursue it.



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  1. Amber Little
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 21:33:30

    Good thoughts Jenny, I think sometimes we need to remember to be kind to ourselves!


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