Do You Catch Your Chance Yet?

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In the Harvard Research says that we only have seven chances in our life time to decide what we will be in the future. There are seven years between two chances. And the first chance will show up when we are 25-year-old and the last chance will show up around 75-year-old. In these 50 years with seven chances, it is hard to catch the first opportunity because we are too young. And we will miss the last chance because we are too old. So there are only five chances left and we usually will miss two chances, which we only have three opportunities in our life time to make the decision about our future.

If you think about the past of your life, you will notice that the time fly by so fast that you can even remember. It is a good thought that Harvard releases this kind of theory. We all pursuing our goal everyday in our life and we try to think about how to make our life better and better. But do we really catch and notice the important opportunities in front of us? Sadly, we often lose the chance. Maybe we don’t know that is good opportunity or sometimes we can’t go after it because of multiple reasons.

Since we don’t live forever, why don’t we catch the chance when we know this is it?

  1. State clearly what you want in your life and look for opportunity around you
  2. Don’t lose any  chance that will happen around you
  3. See everything has high possibility and give yourself a chance
  4. Believe in the goal you have will come true one day if you have the ability to realize the opportunity
  5. Catch every single detail because that might be the good chance for you to shine


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