Life Is Like You Had a Bad Perm

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We all know what perm is. Most of time perm makes women look more mature, prettier or cuter. But we all know once we have the bad perm, it is like living in the hell for most of women. The hair is really important party of body since hair style can’t be changed that often as clothes. So what women do when they have really bad perm? They start to take good care of their hair and waiting for couple months (I’d said about four months) to redesign their hair style. Women can’t go back to salon right away when they hate the failure perm because it will get worse if designer helps to fix/ change that hair style right away. So only thing they can do is waiting.

Life is like we have a bad perm, which we need to be patient and take good care of it. Since we know it is useless to be rushed even we hate the bad perm so bad. We know it is not going to change a thing even we rush it. We can have patient on the hair style, so why can’t be patient in our life? We always feel rush at our workplace, home and even during driving. I am not saying we should be lazy and lay back too much, but I think sometimes we need to slow down a little bit. We often give ourselves too much pressure on the schedule or our goals, which often has the inefficiency outcomes. What is the rush? When we slow down our steps, we will see and do things differently. When we manage our time in the workplace and slow down our steps, we might notice that the job is actually interesting even it is still a routine every single day. When we release some nerves at home, we will notice how cute our family is, which we haven’t think about for a long time. When we try not to speed during driving, we will surprise how beautiful those building and trees even though we drive the same road everyday. When we live the life we know how to enjoy and figure its beauty, we will accomplish more.


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  1. ireneyachan
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 11:47:59

    I agree with you 100%, Jenny. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to just “wait it out” instead of stressing about it to find a solution. I find that people who just go with the flow are less stressed than people like me who are control freaks. This is definitely a good reminder.


    • Jenny Tsai
      Apr 21, 2011 @ 17:03:41

      Thank you, Irene. We will be surprise if we “wait it out” in some cases. We should not be so tough on everything, too.


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