Mountains, Oceans, Trees and Flowers…. Let’s Clean Up Our Mind :)

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How long haven’t you go to relax in the natural environment? We live in the high pressure society, which more and more people feel depression every day. Have you ever felt no matter how many hours you’ve ran, how many beers you drank, or how much you talk to friends, you still felt you didn’t release all your stress?

Lots of people said that the best medicine is to go to the nature environment and feel what nature brought to us. People need to catch the phytoncide from the forest, mountain or tress to relax not only our body, but also our mind. No matter what type of nature environment you’d like to be with, they all help. And that is one of the reason that there are so many nature sounds are made into CDs. Those nature songs will heal our pain, clean our mind and relax our soul.

I used to live in San Diego, in which there is a beautiful ocean and lots of beautiful beaches around. Every time when I felt unhappy, La Jolla shores really helped. The combination of the sound of ocean, the smell from the ocean and the wind come from the ocean is wonderful that you will not have the same feeling if you choose to sit at home and being the couch potato. Now I live in Reno, in which we have the most beautiful lake in the world. Every time after I go to Lake Tahoe, I feel I get all of my energy back so I can fight for the other days of life.

Let’s use and enjoy the nature environment around us, and you will feel surprise what will happen to your body and mind.


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