Last = First

We all know everything has two sides, which it depends how you look at it. People tend to notice the negative side more than the possible part, and it affects their life, too. For example, when people get fired from jobs, many people stuck in that bad mood most of time. But if they think from the other side of the story, it is a new chance for them to live a different life. The other example is that lots people can’t get over with their past relationship even though it’s been months. But if they can think the different way that the end is also the new beginning, their life will be much easier.

If we can think positively, we all will live happier. It is not easy I would say. Let’s start to think and do things differently! I am not sure if the new beginning is better than the past, but if we don’t try, we will never know. So why don’t we just throw away those past and move on? No matter how successful or dump in the past, the new beginning make us all start from the bottom. We all have the same opportunity to catch our dream again, so please appreciate every new chance.

My spring semester only has ten days left. What’s next? It is kind of the end of something, and I need to figure out some new thing to keep my life going. How I am going to use my summer is a good chance for me to think of. I can live three months with hanging around or I can use 90 days to accomplish something I can be proud of. One thing I can be sure is that I’ve enjoyed the past (spring semester), and I am going to create my shinning summer.

“The sun will still rise tomorrow.” So why don’t we all give ourselves some new goal to achieve?


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  1. ryanrmoser
    May 01, 2011 @ 21:58:47

    It sounds like you really do have it together Jenny … you dont need to worry about something to keep you busy … you probably need a break!

    Its been a fun semester!


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