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I recently had a class with Jamy Shop and all I can say is that was such an INTERESTING class in my life. But the good stuff I learned from him is that we all need “passion” to pursuing our goal and go DO it. So… do we really know what our passion is? I kept asking myself this question, but I still don’t have the correct answer for it yet. Do you?

Back in time, when we chose our major in college, did we choose what we have the most passion on or did we choose the easy way out? Nowadays when we choose our job, do we follow our passion or we just can’t refuse to the high salary with the boring job? I am not sure anymore.

People say passion can make a person more energetic in what he/ she is doing, and passion will keep a person pumping in a long run. But, do you sometimes feel that the thought of passion is not enough anymore? Passion is very abstract, which might be changed in a second, in one day or maybe never. It all depends on different person.

Passion can make you stronger but may make you weaker, which it all depends how you use your passion and how hard you want it. The reality is that “hard working” person doesn’t have the guarantee to become successful. But when you are following what you really have passion on, your heart and your happiness can’t be measured anymore. That is priceless.

You have to rethink that how bad you want to follow your passion and what the alternative will be. After you fully understand the risk and benefit, go for it. Choose wisely for every decision you make because your life will not be the same.


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