Life Is Like You Had a Bad Perm

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We all know what perm is. Most of time perm makes women look more mature, prettier or cuter. But we all know once we have the bad perm, it is like living in the hell for most of women. The hair is really important party of body since hair style can’t be changed that often as clothes. So what women do when they have really bad perm? They start to take good care of their hair and waiting for couple months (I’d said about four months) to redesign their hair style. Women can’t go back to salon right away when they hate the failure perm because it will get worse if designer helps to fix/ change that hair style right away. So only thing they can do is waiting.

Life is like we have a bad perm, which we need to be patient and take good care of it. Since we know it is useless to be rushed even we hate the bad perm so bad. We know it is not going to change a thing even we rush it. We can have patient on the hair style, so why can’t be patient in our life? We always feel rush at our workplace, home and even during driving. I am not saying we should be lazy and lay back too much, but I think sometimes we need to slow down a little bit. We often give ourselves too much pressure on the schedule or our goals, which often has the inefficiency outcomes. What is the rush? When we slow down our steps, we will see and do things differently. When we manage our time in the workplace and slow down our steps, we might notice that the job is actually interesting even it is still a routine every single day. When we release some nerves at home, we will notice how cute our family is, which we haven’t think about for a long time. When we try not to speed during driving, we will surprise how beautiful those building and trees even though we drive the same road everyday. When we live the life we know how to enjoy and figure its beauty, we will accomplish more.


Do You Catch Your Chance Yet?

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In the Harvard Research says that we only have seven chances in our life time to decide what we will be in the future. There are seven years between two chances. And the first chance will show up when we are 25-year-old and the last chance will show up around 75-year-old. In these 50 years with seven chances, it is hard to catch the first opportunity because we are too young. And we will miss the last chance because we are too old. So there are only five chances left and we usually will miss two chances, which we only have three opportunities in our life time to make the decision about our future.

If you think about the past of your life, you will notice that the time fly by so fast that you can even remember. It is a good thought that Harvard releases this kind of theory. We all pursuing our goal everyday in our life and we try to think about how to make our life better and better. But do we really catch and notice the important opportunities in front of us? Sadly, we often lose the chance. Maybe we don’t know that is good opportunity or sometimes we can’t go after it because of multiple reasons.

Since we don’t live forever, why don’t we catch the chance when we know this is it?

  1. State clearly what you want in your life and look for opportunity around you
  2. Don’t lose any  chance that will happen around you
  3. See everything has high possibility and give yourself a chance
  4. Believe in the goal you have will come true one day if you have the ability to realize the opportunity
  5. Catch every single detail because that might be the good chance for you to shine

Smart Phones Distance Us from People around Us…..Watch Out!

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iPhone, Blackberry, and HTC etc. are smart phones that lots of people use nowadays. Those smart phones make our life more convenience and we can save tons of times if we have one of those phones. We can pay our checks, play video games, watch movies, chat with friends, and google whatever we want etc., which smart phones are the small version of the computer. It is a good revolution that we now can do lots of things from a phone. But have you ever thought about there is a negative side of this good revolution?

Smart phones distance us from people around us!

Before the innovation of smart phones, people use to talk with others more. Since we didn’t have the smart phone to make us busy, we try to make the connection with others around us. We had more interested in others and tried to come up with the good topic to keep our conversation going. We didn’t want to feel bored and leave behind, so we tried hard to build our relationship with people around us. But everything started to change when smart phones got popular.

Do you notice that people now playing or checking their smart phones more often?

For example, we often see people check or play their smart phones when they have dinner with friends or family. They don’t talk to each other that much since they can choose to hang out with their phones. They are not concentrating on the dinner or any events any more. Do you feel you are less aggressive to build good relationship with others since you know you can rely on your smart phone?

I do agree that smart phones are good revolution and innovation, but we still need to care people around us. Smart phones should make us closer, not further. Let’s make our smart phone more valuable and keep up the relationship with real people around us:

  1. Concentrate on your position at that point and leave your smart phone away
  2. Use smart phone to share information with others, but don’t give 100% attention on that
  3. Understand that you won’t miss anything important when you don’t check or play with your smart phone for a while
  4. The rule is….make good connection with people when you hang out with them, and enjoy playing with your smart phone when you are alone


Be Friends with Yourself

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When we are friends with ourselves, we will always have friends. Be peaceful with ourselves; otherwise we will never have peace with other things. When we are friends with ourselves, it means we know who we are and what we want. I feel that the most important rule in our life is to “understand ourselves and be who we are.” There are many types of personality tests, which we can know ourselves better by answering those questions honestly. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a popular method to let us to understand ourselves better. Most of people who take MBTI think it fits them well, but there are still some chances that the result is not 100% accurate, too. MBTI is only a tool that we can evaluate who we really are. Why is so important to understand who we are? When we fully know what’s our strength and weakness, we start to have chance to become better in any position. We can add more value on what we good at and bring our talent into full play. On the other hand, we can make our weakness invisible and improve it.

We all have good friends, and we know we need to use different ways to get along with different friends. We understand our good friends well enough because we spend a lot of time and our heart to connect with them. Then why don’t we want to understand ourselves more? When we are friends with ourselves, we can also deal with our emotional well, too. Understand what the best way is, so you can express the emotion and be into the joyful land. Life will be easier when we know ourselves better. Shining what we good at and finding the best way to deal with different situation. Try to find what suit us the most and pursue it.


Recycle….or not? Your Call

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Have you noticed that the weather is weird these years? Do you feel that the air is not as fresh as five years ago? Have you ever read the news saying that the global warming is become a serious issue for all human beings? Then, do you know if everyone understands the importance of recycle, it will help our earth?

When we were still in the school, they taught us how important recycle was. We tried to follow the rule and also recycled back to our house. It all seems we did great jobs. But when we are not in school or house, we start to forget how important recycle is. We often throw our water/ drinking bottle into the trash cans. Recycle cans are not as many as trash cans on the street or the place we go, but we should still recycle! We can wait until we see the recycle or take those recycle item back home.

We need to have the consensus that when we recycle more, the earth will become a better place to live. Don’t think that one person can’t change anything! When everyone does the recycle little by little, the outcome will be powerful. Every single move is powerful, and we all can change our world by participating more in protecting our environment.

Let’s recycle more in our life!

  1. Recycle can make us healthier
  2. Recycle can make our environment prettier
  3. Recycle can make the earth live longer
  4. Protect our earth so our descendants can still see what the earth we have now



How Do You Spend A Day?

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Everyone has 24 hours per day. Some of people think 24 hours per day is too much because they have nothing to do and waiting for the bed time everyday. But some of people think 24 hours is not enough since they feel there are too much to do. Why they have different thoughts in the same amount of the time? Smart people use their time wisely.

What can you do from after you wake up and before you go to work? You can choose to go exercising and read newspaper, or you can sleep until the last minute. What can you do during the work but bored? You can choose to care how the market now, or you can chat online/ go on the Facebook all the time. What can you do in your personal time? You can choose to read good books/ do outdoor activities or you can play video games/ fool around with friends all day long.

Different human beings choose different activities in one day. How we waste or how we manage our 24 hours will decide how success we will be. We don’t need to push ourselves to a place that doesn’t even have the personal life, but we definitely want to use every minute wisely. We don’t want to become a person that have the same boring life everyday, such as, sitting in front of computer all day doing useless stuff, playing video games all day long, dreaming about unrealistic thoughts, or working nonstop etc. I am not saying it is bad thing that you want to waste your life like that, but don’t you want to make every 24 hours more valuable? When you feel the day is so meaningful and you are deeply happy from your heart, it is the day you wisely managed. Do you know how to spend your 24 hours now?

Deserve Better!

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In our daily life, we make lots of decision, meet lots people, and deal lots of situations. There are some things that we can control what the outcome will be, but there are some things we can’t change at all. In this blog, I am going to talk about what we should do when we can’t change a thing in a situation.

We need to realize that nothing is going to be perfect and not everything will follow the way we want. Have you ever in a position that you are not happy but you know there is nothing you can do to change? Have you ever feel that you don’t want to be in a situation but you just can’t resist it? We’ve all been to those kinds of situations once a while, or maybe stuck in it for a long time. We start to feel depress, unhappy, and more and more negative emotion comes up. I am not the psychologist, but I know life is so short that we should not put ourselves in those bad situations at all. We don’t have the ability to change the situation, but we have the power to choose to stay out of those. When we realize it is not working no matter how much effort we put in, we need to have clear mind to evaluate pros and cons.

Everything is just a choice we make, which we have the ability and responsibility to choose what is better for us. We all understand there are better choices waiting for us on the corner, but we just can’t face the truth. We stay in the situation that we feel comfortable with, which is the main reason we are afraid to change. We are easily get used to everything and become the pattern in our lives. So when there is a problem, we don’t know what we really want anymore. We put ourselves in the deep black hole and never get up.

We all deserve better! Here are steps that we can follow:

  1. Clean your mind and figure out what is the original life we pursue
  2. Evaluate the life now and see if pros are much more than cons
  3. Find your courage back
  4. Understand we don’t need to insist on anything if we don’t feel joy anymore
  5. Trust yourself that everything will definitely be better than now



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